If you have an open fireplace in Galway City and County, it’s very important that you get regular chimney cleaning service in order to prevent fires and improve your indoor air quality.

Any home that is equipped with a stove, open fireplace or range will need to have regular chimney sweep services completed in order to make sure that build up within the chimney does not cause a risk for fire. As debris begins to build up within the chimney this can often lead to an extensive amount of smoke or the chance that a fire could begin as a result of the buildup within the chimney area.

If your chimney is not properly secured or capped from threats there’s also a chance that you could experience birds living within the area of your chimney. Through the assistance of a professional chimney sweep, you can make sure that any type of birds nest can be removed from your chimney in Galway City and County and that the chimney can be properly secured to prevent the chance for birds nesting in the future.

Our company can be hired for regular chimney cleaning services throughout the year as preventative maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is available for commercial clients or residential clients throughout Galway City and County. We are also available for one-time appointments with chimney cleaning service or animal removal services within the area.

If you need a reliable chimney cleaning service within Galway City and County please contact our staff today and we can schedule a service visit for your needs. We can make the process of getting reliable chimney cleaning easier than ever before. Don’t settle for an unsafe fireplace, work with our company today for the best in chimney sweeping.