fire burning in a stove

Lighting a Wood Stove Fire 

HOW TO LIGHT A WOOD STOVE FIRE We are going back to basics, starting with how to light a fire. I know I know this is exactly what you need to learn about right now and you’re welcome, honestly were glad to help. Set all air controls to fully open, sometimes i find it good […]

Need a chimney sweep in Galway? 

If you have an open fireplace in Galway City and County, it’s very important that you get regular chimney cleaning service in order to prevent fires and improve your indoor air quality. Any home that is equipped with a stove, open fireplace or range will need to have regular chimney sweep services completed in order […]

wood burning in a stove

Hardwood V Softwood 

YES HARDWOOD FIREWOOD IS BETTER Firstly there is still a lot of softwood firewood sold in the Irish market, most likely in nets sold in garage forecourts and whilst in recent years there has been a move towards hardwood, there may now be a move back to more softwood as prices for hardwood timber continues […]

wood burning

Quick explanation of the 3 heat groups for firewood 

HEAT GROUPS   All wood is classed into three heat groups. The higher the group, the better the wood. What does the heat group tell you? It tells you the amount of heat, a specific wood may release when burning. Here are a few examples of what wood belongs to each group:   1st Group […]

Kiln Dried Firewood 

  ORDER YOUR KILN DRIED FIREWOOD FROM offers a safe secure and convenient online marketplace for home fuel delivery service’s. wow that’s a mouthful simply put we work along side fuel delivery company’s up and down the country from Galway to Dublin, Cork to Limerick  and everywhere in between. From Galway where we […]

Top Down Burning Method 

  The top down fire or self feeding fire is a fire building technique that’s much different than building a conventional fire. Typically, when building a fire you start out with a hand full of crumpled up newspaper and place it under small pieces of kindling. Then you add larger pieces of wood on top […]